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Our Board of Commissioners


Donna Flowers

G. Dianne Williams
Secretary/Acting Vice-Chairman

Shirley Abel
Sargent at Arms

Lonzia Casteel

Vanessa Rankins

Daniel Ortiz

Tiffany Robinson
Executive Director



Minutes of Meeting








Word from Our Commissioner


"Life's most urgent question is: What are you doing for others?"
Martin Luther King Jr.

The Maywood Housing Authority (MHA) is a municipal organization established under the Illinois Housing Authorities Act, and is authorized to operate the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program in the Village of Maywood, Illinois. The HCV program is a Federal housing assistance program for low and moderate income persons, and is funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

The Maywood Housing Authority Board of Commissioners has seven Commissioners, who are appointed by the Mayor, and approved by the Maywood Village Trustees, per the Illinois Housing Authorities Act. Each Commissioner is dedicated to providing safe and decent low income housing opportunities for families residing in the Village of Maywood.

The persons serving on the Maywood Housing Authority Board of Commissioners are volunteers who serve without compensation. They are a diverse group of individuals with varying backgrounds ranging from law enforcement, engineering, the medical field, finance, real estate and the food service industry. The Board of Commissioners has a tremendous responsibility to institute and review policies for the Authority, and to ensure that the management and operation of the Authority is consistent with those policies, and with all applicable State and Federal laws; and that the Authority is fulfilling its main mission; to provided safe and decent housing.

The MHA Board of Commissioners has an awesome responsibility to review and institute policies and procedures that provide oversight and protection of federal tax payer funds entrusted to this organization to help the disabled, elderly and low income families, with dignity, acquire one of the most basic of human needs, housing. I am pleased to serve as Chairman with the current Board of Commissioners, who are committed individuals, respected professionals and citizens of the Village of Maywood.

The Authority accomplishes its responsibilities by following Federal and State laws, and Federal regulations governing the HCV program, and by using common sense, compassion and professionalism to help the program run with its intended purpose. This means hiring competent, professional staff that shares the same goals as the Board and the program.

The Authority is pleased to introduce the new MHA Executive Director, Ms. Tiffany Robinson who comes to us from Texas by way of Shreveport, Louisiana. She has over 15 years of public housing experience and has been a breath of fresh air at MHA. The Authority is planning a special Open House in the near future, however, in the meantime please feel free to come by and visit, you are definitely welcome.

It is said that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. It's no wonder that metaphor was developed by comparing lemonade to life situations; most people can relate to it. This year the Maywood Housing Authority has had its share of challenges and had to make lemonade, often. It is not surprising that some citizens formed an impression that in the past, lemons were the norm for the Maywood Housing Authority. As Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, I have and will work cooperatively with the other Commissioners, Village officials, and HUD and State officials to change that impression going forward; also to be diligent in ensuring that the Maywood Housing Authority strives to meet the highest standards and expectations of its citizens - and in doing so, eliminating lemons, and the need to "make lemonade". Please join us in that effort by commenting when you feel those standards are not being met.

The Maywood Housing Authority is at the dawn of a new day. The Authority looks forward to entering into the year 2012 with stronger bonds, greater commitment and an expansion of services to the families of the Maywood Community.

G. Dianne Williams,
Chairman of the Board


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